Rita Woo

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) is an empirically based form of psychological therapy and is considered to be the treatment of choice by the UK National Institution of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). CBT is clinically proven to be effective for low mood, depression, a variety of anxiety difficulties, and eating disorders (Bulimia Nervosa)

I specialise in treating adults presenting with a wide range of mood and anxiety disorders and everyday psychological issues. Some of these might present as specific difficulties such as:

  • Mild, moderate, severe and recurring depression

  • Anxiety (Panic, Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, specific phobias)

  • OCD

  • PTSD

Others may present in a more general way such as:

  • Persistent and chronic stress

  • Self-esteem or low confidence

For more information about these different presentations please visit www.nhs.uk or www.rcpsych.ac.uk 

Rita Woo Clinical Psychologist

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